Boston Pizza TeamHQ


Team HQ is part of Boston Pizza’s MyBP loyalty program; every time any number of teammates order food from Boston Pizza, that team collects 10% of what they spend. That amount becomes a food credit that you can use for a post-game dinner. While at Olson Canada, I led the front-end team to built a compelling, easy-to-use web application that serves as a portal to monitor credit, redeem new credit, invite and manage teams, review leaderboards and a whole slew more.

Visit the website here.

Technical Details

Built on a Java stack with a SASSified Angular front-end, hosted in AWS elastic bean-stock.


Project Management Erin Sliwin
Front-end Technical Lead Stefan Soc
Back-end Technical Lead Gordon Turner
Developers Michael Ip, Danny Ha, Maddie Page
Strategy Lead Haroon Aslam
UX Analyst Eve Cutherbertson